(724) 635-3952 | 814 U.S. Route 119 N, Suite 100, New Stanton, PA 15672 | M-F 7am-5pm, SAT 8am-5pm, SUN 9am-3pm

(724) 635-3952 | 814 U.S. Route 119 N, Suite 100, New Stanton, PA 15672 | M-F 7am-6pm, SAT 8am-5pm, SUN 9am-3pm

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Your Local Favorites. Delivered Anywhere.

Can’t make it to the shop to get our local goodies? Want to send some local flavor to someone far away? We can help!

Order online below and get everything from bags of Pennsylvania roasted coffee to all your Stanton Milling favorites and a lot more. Every order is packed and shipped from right here at Stanton Daily Grind.

Custom boxed orders and gift baskets of our local goodies are available upon request. Just give us a ring at (724) 635-3952!

Self-Rising Buckwheat Pancake Mix (2lb. bag)

f you want to introduce someone to the love of buckwheat pancakes, we recommend this small 2lb. bag. This sample is just enough to whet an appetite. Easy to use: Just add water (1:1 ratio). Dark and light buckwheat flour mixed with six other ingredients for a superb and nutritious pancake.

Self-Rising Buckwheat Pancake Mix (4lb. bag)

This product is the larger size of our number-one seller. Just as delicious as old-fashioned yeast-raised buckwheat cakes, these are much simpler: Just add water (1:1 ratio). If buckwheat pancakes are a regular part of your diet, we recommend this 4lb bag . Find our product on Amazon!

Self-Rising Pancake & Waffle Mix (4lb. bag)

4 lbs. of regular pancake mix, made from a secret recipe. Try ours and you may not go back to your old pancake mix! This product is a delicious breakfast or “breakfast for dinner” staple for any family. Fire up your campfire griddle or electric waffle iron. Add water; eggs and oil optional. Find our product on Amazon!

Corn meal (5lb. bag)


5 lbs. of traditional coarse-ground corn meal flour. Corn meal is a very practical ingredient to keep in the kitchen. Besides traditional cornbread and corn meal mush, use it for breading or sprinkle under homemade pizza to prevent sticking to the pan